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  • Children's cold and snow clothing and gear. Hats, mittens, long underwear, snow suits, helmets, snowshoes, snowtubes.

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    Rippin' Rider Preview:
    NIKWAX (easier, safer, drier)

    Photo courtesy NIKWAX Keeping kids dry for any length of time in wet weather is tough. In the past parents have lined up several pairs of mittens, socks, snowpants, etc., to keep kids out in the elements longer. New tech fabrics have helped, but after each washing we've seen those waterproof qualities diminish. But here comes NIKWAX to the rescue!

    NIKWAX Waterproofing Systems work to protect all types of fabrics again the snow and rain. The basis behind NIKWAX products is "preventive maintenance". Take care of the fabrics up front and you can protect the waterproofing qualities of the fabric for life. And you know what? It works!

    Durable Water Repellent (DWR): What is it? Why is it so important?
    1. It's what makes water bead up and roll off the outer surface.
    2. Most garments/footwear/equipment have it when new, but it wears out.
    3. Detergent washing, pollution, campfire smoke, dirt, body oils, bug repellent, & sunscreen make it ineffective.
    4. Lose it and water condenses inside. You get wet and cold.
    5. It doesn't last forever and must be restored on a regular basis.

    Photo courtesy NIKWAX The Products:

    NIKWAX TX-DIRECT : For all waterproof/breathable clothing and soft shell garments. It safely resorts DWR (durable water repellent) to Gore-tex, event & Sympatex fabrics.

    NIKWAX TECH WASH & POLAR PROOF: For Polartec, fiber pile, fleece, wood & synthetic insulated clothing.

    NIKWAX TECH WASH & COTTON PROOF: For cotton & polycotton clothing & canvas tents

    NIKWAX DOWN WASH & DOWN PROOF: For down filled clothing, sleeping bags & comforters

    NIKWAX GLOVE PROOF: For leather and /or fabric gloves

    NIKWAX FOOTWEAR: For full grain smooth leather footwear

    The Science Behind NIKWAX: The science behind NIKWAX Waterproofing Systems is not only what's make it a market leader in outdoor and snowsports, it's also what makes it appropriate for the powersports market.

    Photo courtesy NIKWAX Eleven years ago, Nick Brown, NIKWAX inventor, developed and patented the NIKWAX TX.10 water-repellent elastomer. The TX.10 water-repellent elastomer is based on EVA, the same material found in the flexible soles of footwear. The patent also involves altering the molecular structure of mineral elastic and resilient. The TX.10 polymer is proprietary to NIKWAX and is the primary active ingredient in all NIKWAX footwear and fabric treatments.

    When applied, NIKWAX treatments wrap the textile and leather fibers with a network of elastic TX.1- water-repellent molecules that securely bond to anything that is not water-repellent. The treatment leaves the spaces between the fibers open and breathable. Unlike other products, NIKWAX treatments can flex and move with fabric and leather fibers, making them extremely durable and able to endure several washings. NIKWAX products fulfill the unique needs of powersport enthusiasts, from the ultra rider to the Rippin' Rider (big kids, little kids, and tots).

    It is important to note that NIKWAX products are WaterBased. Water is used in place of petroleum solvents to carry the active ingredients into the textile or leather. WaterBased treatments are more concentrated than petroleum based products. NIKWAX treatments deliver up to five times (35%) the active ingredients whereas petroleum based products typically contain only 3=13% active ingredients. This makes NIKWAX products more effective, economical, safe and easy to use.

    The WaterBased treatments are available wash-in, spray-on or sponge-on applications.

    REVIEWS: Here's what our Rippin' Rider testers had to say about NIKWAX products:

  • "Waterproofing at such a low cost."
  • "I had no idea this type of product even existed. It works well - we'll use it in the future for sure."
  • "We used to spray our clothes with silcone, this is so much bettter - just wash in!"
  • "We tried the NIKWAX Glove Proof - it was a little messy to put on, but it sure worked well - even in the wettest conditions."
  • "We used to go for Gortex materials for our wet Pacific Northwest weather - I think NIKWAX may just be another alternative".
  • "Even though it takes half a bottle in the wash, the product works well. The small bottles are the way to go."

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