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    Make your day a no brainer... pack like a pro

    OK, this is how the day starts. You hunt and peck for each mitten, headband, sunscreen, sunglasses, me it's 10 o'clock already.

    A day on the slopes can be less hectic and more productive. Rather than deterine the weather from your cozy bed, travel prepared. Kids bouncing off the wall? No need to think, just dump your ski bag in the car and go.

    Ski bag? No not the bag that carries your skis, but the one that carries everything else. Keep it packed all the time. Designate it your ski bag for those brain dead type of days.

    Pack what? Gloves and mittens, extra socks, lip protector, sunscreen, headband, hat, extra sweater, aspirin, snack, jeans (for apr├Ęs ski), baseball hat (for sunny days), and extra cash.

    Gear heads might want to include a flat file, scraper and bar of wax. A screwdriver is always nice to have as well as a binding tool adjuster.

    For the frequent brain deadheads, include ski pants, shells, sweaters and turtlenecks and dress at the area.

    There you have it. Tips on being lazy. Keep your handy bag with you at all times and you'll be ready whenever the snow is. Hee heeee....

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