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  • Snow Play: The Old Fashioned Way

    By Tammie Thompson

    Photo courtesy Ski NH Whether you are heading the mountains or spending some time in the backyard, snow play should get some major attention this winter. Here are a few ideas for quality SNOW TIME.

    Sliding: You don't need a fancy sled to get some sliding time in. Anything slippery will do. Plastic garbage bags, large cookie sheets (be sure the edges are rounded and not sharp), lawn tarps and even a shiny raincoat make for some great sliding. Prep your sled area by packing it down. Create a good start area that is flat with steps leading up to it. Then go! To create a very slick surface, try hosing it down with water and letting it freeze. Yee haw!

    Igloos: Grab a bucket and some muscle and go to town making a creative igloo. Sand or household buckets work well. Mark out your perimeter and create your first level. Offset each level as you go, then add some snow mortar and a little water for cement. Voila! Your have an instant igloo. Get creative and make a mini table with mushroom stools. Fun!

    Afternoon Tea: There's nothing like fresh hot chocolate to warm the bones. How about some hot cocoa tea in your new igloo? No need to worry about spills!

    Snow Cones: For real! Take some fresh snow (caveat here - unless you are in Alaska, there really isn't any "fresh" snow. You're on your own with regards to snow/water quality), and create some small snowballs. Place snowballs on sugar cones, top with fruit juice, and you've created real snow cones!

    Edible Snow Art: You'll need some caramel (purchase caramel dipping sauce, melt caramel candies, or mix your own), a saucepan, outdoor snow and cold temperatures. Melt caramel on stove until the consistency is smooth. While still stirring, take pan outside. Spoon caramel on to top of fresh snow in a snowflake pattern (thin, star like drippings). Let cool, lift and eat. Yum!

    Maple Syrup Sticks: We are told this is a Vermont custom - haven't actually tried it so let us know if it works. Create a thin (one half to one inch diameter) vertical tunnel in the fresh snow (about the size of a pencil), pour in Maple syrup (this is where the Vermont custom comes in), and wait for it to freeze (Vermont's got us again - bet it freezes very fast). Dig out snow around syrup and rinse. Instant maple candy!

    Photo courtesy Park City Snow Painting: Gather some spray bottles and fill with water. Add a couple of drops of food coloring to each bottle. Send the troops outdoors for some snow painting! Airbrush designs, color snowmen, they won't tire of this for a while.

    Get creative. There's a lot you can do with snow and whatever you find in your pantry. Enjoy!

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