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  • Children's cold and snow clothing and gear. Hats, mittens, long underwear, snow suits, helmets, snowshoes, snowtubes.

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  • KIDZGEAR: Obermeyer 2008/09

    From Preschool to Juniors, Obermeyer Offers Function and the “Bling” Factor

    There’s so much to say about Obermeyer, where do we start? Cute! Functional! Trendy! From steezy grommets, to alpine tech; from “cute as a butterfly” to cream puff perfection, Obermeyer hits it again.

    Photo courtesy Obermeyer Starting with the Junior Girls, Obermeyer breaks out new trends every year. The Alt3 line, with its hip and vibrant color palette and "street aware" design offers garments with feminine "bling", poodle fur collars, and a unique Serenity fabric that uses a cationic dye to create a cross dye effect. Very new. Very cool. The more traditional Ridgeline takes classic styles and pumps up the volume on color and design. With clean bright color against pure white, colors such as Midori, Capri, Wild Rose, Electric Lime, Aqua Sea, Vanilla, Taffy, Dark Citron, Java, Daisy, pop.

    Photo courtesy Obermeyer Junior Boys don’t know what hit them. The racy Mach 1 is both masculine and modern. Strong design lines, heavy texture and solo bold color are constructed with technical fabrics and insulation. Mach 1 is everything an alpine skier demands and more. He’ll give some ‘tude with that smile.. the Alt3 line is both urban and hip. The rugged fabric and amazing tweed make this collection at home on the street or on the mountain. Attention to detail and progressive designs give the freeride group a signature of its own.

    Photo courtesy Obermeyer The little guys get heavy tech and bright colors. Reflective piping and jean labeling offers the cool factor and high visibility in low light situations; especially when they’re too busy building snowmen to come indoors for dinner. The OBX line lets your littlest snow pilot get ready for take-off. Bold, easy to see colors and Obermeyer’s radar map print are perfect for any winter mission. Technical fabrics and insulation complete this preschool alpine collection. Grommets rejoice! The well named, Grommet line, is where urban meets preppy in this adorable collection. Plaid print, argyle design lines and top stitching blend with a freeride influence to create this tough little collection.

    Photo courtesy Obermeyer Preschool girls gone wild with the Cosmic Rainbow collection. Itsy bitsy fashionistas who are super girly and feminine will love the groovy 60’s inspired theme. The Sugar collection makes curvaliscious design lines with tons of girly "must have" details… rhinestone snaps and rivets, Obermeyer’s new "fizzy" print with matching poodle fleece collars and whimsical embroideries and trims. Who doesn’t love sugar?

    All Obermeyer Kid collections come with Obermeyer standard features that make Obermeyer stand out from the pack. Depending on the collection, you’ll find reflective piping, rhinestones, compasses, fleece lining, and more….

  • Photo courtesy Obermeyer The Obermeyer Exclusive ‘I-Grow’ Advantage
    ‘I-Grow’ - The integrated answer to that other age-old question – "When did you get so big?" The ‘I-Grow’ system extends the length of pant legs by as much as 2" and jacket sleeves up to 1 1/2" by simply snipping a brightly-colored thread on the inside of the garment.

  • Details That Make A Difference
    --- Compass – A fun design detail that symbolizes the spirit of adventure that all children feel when they play outside.
    ---Suit Belt Buckle – Easy to use with little fingers and reflective!
    ---StormShield Active: A durable mini-faille fabric made of 100% nylon with HydroBlock® waterproof-breathable coating and DuroGuard durable, water-repellent fabric protector.
    ---- DuraTex: 100% Nylon with HydroBlock® waterproof-breathable coating and DuroGuard durable, water-repellent fabric protector.

    Fabric Content and Coatings
    --- Unity: 100% Nylon with HydroBlock® waterproof-breathable coating and DuroGuard durable, water-repellent fabric protector.
    ---Snow Twill: 68% Nylon, 32% Polyester with HydroBlock® waterproof-breathable coating and DuroGuard durable,water-repellent fabric protector.
    --- GromPlaid: 100% Polyester Micro Twill with HydroBlock® waterproof-breathable coating and DuroGuard durable,water-repellent fabric protector.

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