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  • Children's cold and snow clothing and gear. Hats, mittens, long underwear, snow suits, helmets, snowshoes, snowtubes.

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  • Rippin' Riders Product Test Team

    K12 Sponsors Rippin' Rider Team K12 is a proud sponsor of the Rippin’ Rider Kids Testing Team. K12's mission is to provide any child the curriculum and tools to maximize success in life, regardless of geographic, financial, or demographic circumstance. For more on K12 see their website at

    Team 2000-2001

    Selecting the Rippin' Riders Team was very difficult... way more difficult than we had planned on because we had so many wonderful applicants. The judges ranked each applicant on their essay and their attitude and then we worked to match product up with applicants. Unfortunately many good applicants did not receive product because we were unable to match up their size with requested product. If kids from Truckee seem to be represented heavily it's because we had so many entries from Truckee and Tahoe kids (over 300). They love the snow!

    2000 Team:

    Griffin from Tahoe City, CA

    Age: 7

    Essay: " I would like to snowboard this year. I have been skiing since I was two. I have been snowboarding once and I totally caught on! I would like a new snowboard because I think I can learn faster and ride faster too! I think it's really fun! Thank you."

    Favorite Resort: "Homewood because it's never crowded and it has two terrain parks and a half pipe and it's close to my house."

    Griffin will be testing the Boeri Rage Helmet.

    Ian from Kennebunk, Maine

    Age: 7

    Essay: "We go skiing every weekend and school vacations. Sometimes my parents get to demo new stuff and I said, "I want to do that." I would be good about trying new stuff."

    Favorite Resort: "Sunday River, Maine. I always have the best time there. The lifts are great and they make soft powder snow with their snowmaking machines."

    Ian will be testing a Spyder outfit.

    Lauren from NYC, New York

    Age 4

    Essay: "Lauren loves outdoor sports. She first skied at age two. She loves the snow and enjoys many snow related activities we have done. She is very good with words and would be able to say why something would be fun for other kids. Lauren has lots of energy and would use all items to their fullest extent."

    Favorite Resort: "Okemo, Vermont - many kids programs. Also Bromely, Vermonth, she loved the many indoor and outdoor activities."

    Lauren will be testing Little Bear Snowshoes

    Wyatt (age 11), Marisa (age 9), Mackenzie (age 8), John Walker (age 6) from Tulare, California

    Essay: "Our family would be perfect for your program. We love the snow! All the kids began skiing before age four and sledding even earlier. Our family has a home at Lake Tahoe so we spend almost every weekend and all vacations there. When we can't get to Tahoe, we have an awesome snowplay area in Kings Canyon National Park just one hour from our home."

    Favorite Resort: "Our favorite resort is Squaw Valley USA in Lake Tahoe. It is the perfect family resort. They have everything! Ski areas for all levels of experience, ice skating, and lots of snowplay room."

    This family will be testing the Mad River Rocket sled.

    Nathan (age 9), Clayton (age 7), and Katelynn (age 5) from Truckee, California

    Essay: "We live in a winter wonderland - the activities are endless - sledding and snowplay, snowshoeing, snowboarding, skiing (both downhill and cross country). We, as a family, participate in all of these activities. By participating in your program we can try new products before we buy. We can see how well they hold up to the daily wear and tear kids put on items. We can try brands we may have never used before and perhaps become loyal to them. I'm very excited about the possibilities."

    Favorite Area: "Our favorite area for snowplay, sledding and some snowshoeing is our yard and the meadow and forest behind our house. It's right out the door, so it's very convenient - we can do it any time and we do. We do love Royal Gorge for its great XC terrain and family friendly atmosphere. For downhill skiing or boarding, Sugar Bowl and Alpine are hard to beat for their groomed trails (beginner and intermediate)."

    This family will be testing the Mad River Rocket sled.

    Blake from Aliso Viejo, California

    Age 9

    Essay: "I want to participate in the Rippin' Riders program because I don't have any equipment. Also, because I like to try equipment before I buy it. I almost fell off the lift last year so I need a helmet. I am a shredder and love vert. Thank you very much."

    Favorite Resort: "Mountain High, Wrightwood, California. It's close, with an easy (non-mountainous) drive. Plus the lift tickets are based on time or number of runs!"

    Blake will be testing the Burton Buzz Cap helmet

    Cami from Truckee, California

    Age 7

    Essay: "Winter is my favorite season. I really like to try new things. Last winter I learned how to snowboard and love to do it. I am a racer in the Tahoe League and really enjoy it. My parents taught me to skate ski and I want to try it more."

    Favorite Resort: "Northstar-at-Tahoe is my favorite resort. I am on the race team but love to try all the other sports with my family and friends. Northstar has all that to offer to me and my family."

    Cami will be testing Rossignol Bandit skis with Rossignol bindings

    Jake from Truckee, California

    Age 8

    Essay: "I get to model and test lots of products because my mom is the editor of Kidznsnow! I like to rip it up all over the mountain. I love to jump and lots of people call me Jumpin' Jake. I love my Groms and my freeride skis.

    Favorite Resort: I am on the Squaw Valley Ski Team and know where every jump in on the mountain. I like to ski other places too - Hot Wheels Gully at Alpine, and had a great time at Mt. Bachelor in Oregon last season.

    Jake will be testing Rossignol boots and skis and a Backhill outfit.

    Trenton from Kings Beach, California

    Age 4

    Essay: "My kids will be perfect for this program: they are adorable, active, adventurous, photogenic, they love the snow, they live in the snow, their mother is a photographer, and their parents love to take them sledding, boarding, cross country skiing, ATC riding, etc. We know the importance of good gear."

    Favorite Area: "N. Lake Tahoe - Squaw Valley, Homewood for boarding, Tahoe Vista Snowpark for sledding and Mt. Rose and Sugar Pine Park for cross country."

    Trenton will be testing Little Bear Snowshoes and Snowmonster hat.

    Trey from Oakdale, Louisiana

    Age 6

    Essay: "My name is Trey and I am six years old. I live in Louisiana and I have never seen snow before. I am going to Yellowstone in February. I am so excited. We are going to ride snowmobiles, go sledding and build snowmen - maybe ski. I would love to win a prize so I could look cool and sue your neat stuff. I'll tell the bears hello."

    Favorite Area: "Yellowstone National Park - snowmobiling, sledding; Rocky Mountains National Park - sledding tubing; Aspen - skiing; and Big Sky for skiing (my mother said these were wonderful places".

    Trey will be testing a Butt Muff (for sledding).

    Andrew from Truckee, Calfornia

    Age 8

    Essay: I love the snow. I always play in it. I rip at snow things. Downhill skiing, cross country skiing, tubing, building snow jumps and forts are my favorite things. Winter is the best time of the year because I get to do all the things I love to do and I am on a race team."

    Favorite Resort: "Northstar is my favorite resort. Because I live there and the place is very nice. It has everything I want to do in the winter."

    Andrew will be testing Head skis.

    Jackson from NW Calgary, Alberta

    Age 4

    Essay: "Around these parts I'm known as "Action Jackson". I learned to ski when I was three and a half years old and perfected my skills on the slopes of Kimberley. My "tough as nails" attitude will challenge the sturdiest of equipment and rugged sportswear that crosses my path. P.S. - my mom helped me write this!"

    Favorite Resort: "I really like Kimberly B.C. - especially the hot tub at the Silver Birch. Lake Louise is awesome too - if only they would let me do a round trip on the chairlift!

    Action Jackson will be testing a Butt Muff (for sledding).

    Hailey from Truckee, California

    Age 4

    Essay: "I like to eat snow. I am on Mighty Mites and can ski down the Mountain Run. My favorite thing to do in the winter is to drink hot chocolate, but you have to ski first to do that. I like to sled in our yard too."

    Favorite Area: "I like to sled in our yard, ski at Squaw Valley and visit lots of ski areas."

    Hailey will be testing Head skis, boots and bindings and Boeri helmet.


    Adam from Tiburon, California

    Age 11

    Essay:" I began skiing on the Mighty Mite Ski Team at Squaw. After that I started snowboarding and competing. I am ranked fourth in the USASA for the North Tahoe Snowboard Series in CA. I went to the National Championships in Waterville Valley, NH.

    Favorite Resort: "Squaw Valley is my favorite area for snowplay because the mountain has many different trails to go on everyday. It never gets boring with so many choices, I can practice new challenges with my coach."

    Adam will be testing Skeletools (padding for boarders).

    Maggie from Ellicottville, New York

    Age 10

    Essay: "My favorite sports are skiing and snowboarding. I think it would be cool to try out new stuff and tell other kids about it. I like the way skiers and especially snowboarders look. I've been on the Screaming Eagles, the Freestyle Team, and this year the Snowboard Team."

    Favorite Resort: "Definitely Holiday Valley in Ellicottville. I live right across the road so I go after school and on weekends. My Mom and Dad work there too. I've been to other areas (Killington, Whiteface, Vail, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise) but I've never been to an area I didn't like!"

    Maggie will be testing a Cold as Ice outfit.

    Jacob and Cydney from Calgary, Alberta

    Ages 7 and 5

    Essay: "Our kids are generally using old hand me down equipment and we would like to see the impact of quality gear on their learning and development. Plus it will let them feel special to be "gear testers". The kids skied about 25 days last year - and can ski top to bottom at Lake Louise.

    Favorite Resort: "Fernie Snow Valley, British Columbia. Fantastic terrain, excellent snow. Have been going there for years... usually at Christmas... great memories.

    Jake and Cydney will be testing the Mad River Rocket sled.

    Devon from Truckee, California

    Age 5

    Essay: "I have been skiing since I was two. I don't need the harness anymore and can ski all over. Its nice to try new stuff since I usually get my brothers stuff and its pretty beat up."

    Favorite Resort: "Northstar because there are lots of great beginner and intermediate runs. I really like the Paw Parks off of the Village Run."

    Devon will be testing Rossignol skis and bindings.

    Baylee from Salt Lake City, Utah

    Age 3

    Essay: "Baylee, our three year old daughter, is learning to ski this year. We are already extremely impressed with her natural abilities and look forward to signing her up for lessons. We want to try quality products on her so that she gets the most out of her skiing experience."

    Favorite Resort: "We live 30 minutes to one hour from about eight wonderful ski resorts. Alta has a great kid program, as does Snowbird and Brighton. We like these resorts because they cater to parents and children learning to ski."

    Baylee will be testing a Snow Monsters Turtle Fur hat.

    Garret from Tahoe City, California

    Age 4

    Essay: "For a four year old, Garret rips. Loves to go over everything and is always smiling or laughing. Would definitely put equipment to the "child-proof test". Loves to be outside! Would be a great advertiser for your product."

    Favorite Resort: Alpine Meadows because of safety and their skier friendly trails. It's a small resort with beautiful backgrounds.

    Garret will be testing the Little Bear Snowshoes and Butt Muff.

    Michelle from Fremont, California

    Age 10

    Essay: "I want to participate because I think it would be fun to try out new stuff instead of my brother's hand-me-downs. I like to snowboard and I want to be a part of deciding what's cool and what's not."

    Favorite Resort: "Northstar-at-Tahoe because of the long runs and the terrain park. I also like Sierra-at-Tahoe because it isn't as crowded and people are nice."

    Michelle will be testing Skeletools - padding for boarders.

    Tenaya from Tahoe City, California

    Age 6

    Essay: " Tenaya loves to be outside in the winter and she has shown a great liking to skiing. She is quite comfortable on her skis and skis very well for a six-year-old. Rippin' Riders would be great experience for Tenaya using their product."

    Favorite Resort: "Alpine Meadows because of the easy access to lifts. Most trails end up at the base lodge so there is less chance of kids getting lost."

    Tenaya will be testing Little Bear Snowshoes.

    Aspen from Kennebunk, Maine

    Age 7

    Essay: "I love to ski and I like to try new stuff. I always get my brother's hand me downs. We go lots of places because my Mom's job is to write about skiing.

    Favorite Resort: Aspen, Colorado because I am named after that resort and it is so beautiful.

    Aspen will be testing a Cold as Ice outfit.



    That's the current team - but as more product comes in we'll do some more matching. Be sure to apply for the 2001 Team! Look for product previews and reviews over the season.


    Rippin' RIders

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