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  • Children's cold and snow clothing and gear. Hats, mittens, long underwear, snow suits, helmets, snowshoes, snowtubes.

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  • It's Snowtime! Tubing, Ice Skating, and Other Fun Stuff

    Photo courtesy Grand Targhee The time is now to get out and enjoy what winter has to offer. Grab the kidz and head out for some tubing. There's no better way to describe it - that it's a blast! Hook the tube on the lift, then head down for a thrill. You just don't get more giggles during the day. Try Soda Springs or Northstar-at-Tahoe for some "extreme tubing" fun.

    Photo courtesy Northstar-at-Tahoe Ice skating anyone? Take the day off from the slopes and try a glide or two around the rink. Or in cold country, lace up the skates and head out to the local lake or pond for some spins. Careful though - we had to pull a child out last week as the temperatures warmed up. Never skate alone. In Tahoe, try the small rink at the Resort at Squaw Creek in Olympic Valley. It's a great spot to get the feel for the ice, plus you can enjoy some of the jazz filtering down from the deck. For Olympic sized fun, try the rink at the top of the tram at Squaw Valley. The views are incredible - but pick a day that's not too windy or you will find yourself flying downwind and fighting back again. Take the tram up at 4pm and you can catch an incredible sunset over distant Lake Tahoe.

    Photo courtesy Boreal Snowmobiling? Try Zephyr Cove above the south shore of Lake Tahoe. The trails go for miles - but prepare you little ones by bundling up.

    HP Sledding Snowshoeing? The newest sport to attract families is snowshoeing. Easy to learn, many resorts are offering snowshoe rentals at reasonable prices and access to their cross-country trails. Try Northstar XC, Telemark and Snowshoe Center. The kids pick it up in no time.

    Sledding is still fun. Pick up a saucer at one of the hardware stores and go for it!

    A snowman anyone? Warm days mean excellent snow for snow sculpting. Buy some snow paint or make your own (food coloring in a spray bottle) and you are ready for your little Picasso's. Thrift stores have some great snowman attire, think hats, scarves, trendy buttons and ties. Sculpt an animal or racing car - don't forget the photos (we would love to get a copy for the website).

    More fun? You will have to check out the rest of Kidz n'Snow for that!

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