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  • Families First at Tahoe Donner

    Photo courtesy Tahoe Donner There may be no other ski resort at Tahoe more dedicated to the family snow experience than Tahoe Donner. Tucked at the end of the Tahoe Donner subdivision, Tahoe Donner's slopes are not varied or extremely big, but they are extremely family friendly.

    Paul Tewhill of Marin, CA says, "I love going to Tahoe Donner. It's so easy. You can park it on the deck and keep an eye on everyone. No traffic hassles, you can bring a picnic, and everyone goes home happy."

    Photo courtesy Tahoe Donner Tahoe Donner has got some great programs for the young ones as well as the more advanced kids. One program that's worth checking out is the "Kids Learn Free" program that is offered midweek, non-holiday periods. Kids seven through twelve can get on the slopes for the price of a lift ticket.

    Bob Bush, Ski School Director, often gets asked how young is too young for ski lesson? Most ski schools wait until the child is four, but the Snowflakes Ski School at Tahoe Donner will take children at the age of three. But follow these guidelines when deciding whether to push your child.

    Photo courtesy Tahoe Donner "First use similar guidelines as preschools. Is the child toilet trained? Do they have the ability to interact with other children? Is the child able to be away from parents for extended times? If you answered "yes" to these questions, the child is almost ready. A little preparation at home will make the transition much easier on the snow. Rent a pair of skis and boots for your child. Allow your child to walk around with ski boots on for a while. If your child has trouble walking with stiff, unbendable ski boots on their feet, then your child may not yet be physically coordinated enough to try skiing. If on the other hand, your child can maneuver well with ski boots, then attach one ski to a boot and let him or her move around. Next, go for the gold! Put both skis on and let your child walk around, sit down, get up and turn around in circles. This preski area training will start building the child's interest and excitement in skiing and let you determine if they are physically ready to ski. All of the walking around on skis is part of their first day of ski school to get familiar with the equipment. Getting a head start on these ski exercises will help assure a successful first day on the snow."

    Photo courtesy Tahoe Donner Tahoe Donner is not limited to downhill skiing. Snowboarders can have a great time too. Or try a day at Tahoe Donner XC. The Tiny Tracks school is great for kids to learn cross-country skiing. Or check out the snowbikes or snowplay areas for some great sliding.

    Kidz n'Snow will be at Tahoe Donner on January 30 for "Slimy Green Monster Day". Ollie in for some carnival-like fun on the slopes. Everything will be green… and we'll be doing some give-a-ways for some great prizes.

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