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  • TIP: Teaching Your Toddler To Ski

    Photo by Tammie Thompson Many ski schools won't allow children under four or five to enroll in ski school lessons. What if you have a toddler who is gung ho to hit the snow? Consider a private lesson or if you are a competent skier yourself, consider time on snow with your little one an investment in a future love of skiing.

    Watch: Have your little one watch other kids in ski school. There's nothing like actually seeing it to get a feel for what to expect. Plus your child will see other kids falling and laughing... so they understand it is OK to fall.

    Slide: Click into one ski and just practice sliding around. Have your child get a feel for how the ski moves.

    Go: If they have mastered one ski, try two. Choose a location where the run out goes up hill. They will feel the sensation of speed, yet remain safe.

    Trouble? Many toddlers do not have the muscle strength to maintain a standing position on skis. Remember to make the experience fun and limit expectations on both your child's part and your own. Start with small increments on time on snow: half hour to an hour max on the first day.

    Still sliding? Time for the beginner lift. Many resorts have Magic Carpets, which are the best way to go, or head to a slow moving chair. Be prepared to lift your child onto the chair lift. A Kiddie Lift harness works great (and saves your back). Hold onto your child during the lift ride and boost them off the chair to disembark. Have them lean on you for support. And guess what? That lift ride will be the highlight of the day!

    Tools: Wedge locks, Kiddie Lifts, and H Bars are great for learning to ski. See our Teaching Aid section in our KidzStore for purchase.

    Fun: Both you and your child must be having fun. If not, save it for another day. Happy sliding!

    Check out the Kid-Ski Kiddie Lift here:

    KidSki Kid-Ski Kiddie Lift (ages 1-5)

    KidSki Kid-Ski Kiddie Lift (ages 1-5)

    Designed for both safety and convenience, the Kiddie Lift is a shoulder harness with a handle on the back that allows you to lift your child in a very convenient, comfortable way. The Kiddie Lift is intended for loading kids on to chairlifts easily and safely, holding them on the lift, unloading them at the top, picking them up off the snow after falls, and turning them around to reverse direction. Essentially, you have full control of your child with one hand (a luxury you may want to use all day, every day of the year). Other Uses of the Kiddie Lift: Besides skiing, the Kiddie Lift works great for other winter outdoor activities like snowboarding, ice skating, sledding and roller blading. It also works well anytime of the year for ages 1-3 in crowded places like airports, shopping malls and Disney World. ItÂ’s great for popping toddlers in and out of strollers, and out of awkward predicaments. Finally, use this when teaching your child to ride a bike with no training wheels. It allows the child to steer the bike without you holding on to the handlebars and as a parent you don't have to bend over to hold the bike from tipping over. We've used this at KidznSnow with our kids and it works great!

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