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    Wet Feet? No problem... PEET Dryers to the Rescue!

    Photo courtesy Peet Dryers What is it about kids and wet feet? There isn't a puddle or snow bank out there that isn't worth exploring. And what about those teens who refuse to wear winter boots - even in a foot of snow? It all translates into wet and soggy shoes. It's an epidemic!

    Who hasn't been tempted to toss those wet sneaks in the dryer? But ultimately they come out scrunch and scorced, dried to a crisp, and no good at all. Rejoice - there's a new product in town that will solve the wet shoe and boot conumdrum. The answer is a somewhat odd-looking invention called the PeeWee PEET Dryer.

    Thanks to Gene Peet, "The Father of the Shoe Dryer", moms and dads now have a solution for drying all kinds of sopping wet footgear - from snow boots to sneakers. Introduced for winter last winter, PeeWee PEET uses thermal convection to efficiently and safely dry all kinds of materials including leather, suede, vinyl, rubber and fleece - without ever getting hot.

    Sopping wet footwear turns amazingly dry and toasty overnight by placing them on the "PEET DRYports". These cylinders send warm convected air throughout the footwear to efficiently dry it. It's that simple to use and amazingly energy efficient (uses less electricity than your alarm clock). And for all those "soccer moms" just think what PEET can do for your child's athletic shoes?

    PEET makes dryers for a variety of uses for adults, but this marks the first "kid-specific" model. The dry-feet-by-Peet legacy began in 1968 in nature's wonderland called St. Maries, Idaho, where inventor and sportsman Gene Peet developed the first footwear dryer. After making a bunch of his dryers to satisfy pleading friends and relatives, he decided to "spread the comfort" for everybody to enjoy, and began his business.

    "I just got sick and tired of waking up to soggy boots. It was an awful way to start out your day", says "Father Dry", Gene Peet. "It took me a while to get it right, because I didn't want my dryer to do any damage to what it was drying."

    Today several million of his authentic, original PEET Dryers have been sold-and with their 25 year warranty-there's a legion out there performing day in and day out.

    Product Info:
    Product: Pee Wee PEET Dryer
    MSRP: $39.95

    Photo courtesy Peet Dryers The Pee Wee PEET uses a thermal convection drying process (which means warm air rises naturally) to remove perspiration, wetness and resulting odor from any type of boot or glove. Warm air rises naturally to circulate and penetrate even hard to footwear and mittens- overnight.

    Using only 36 watts, it would take over 40 shoe dryers to equal one 1500 watt hair dryer. We recommend that you plug it in and use it daily during the season. There's no need to remove your child's footwear promptly the next morning because you can safely dry and store footwear on the Pee Wee PEET dryer until they are ready to be worn again. Since the dryer does not get hot or blow hot air, all footwear can now be dried without fear of shrinkage or stiffness which can occur with alternative drying methods. Safe and silent, Pee Wee PEET dries all kinds of materials including leather, suede, vinyl, rubber and fleece.

    But does it work? We put our Rippin' Riders Kids Testing Team to task to test out both the Pee Wee PEET dryer and the regular adult PEET dryer. To be honest, we are amazed at the product's simple functionability. It works - plain and simple. We tested snow boots, wet sneakers, sweaty running shoes, and even ski boots (with liners removed). The PEET dryer took the moisture to task and did its job. It's not a quick fix for wet items, but works great overnight. The Pee Wee Peet has great attachments for little hands and feet (don't forget about those gloves you don't want to put in the dryer!), and a scaled down base unit. The adult model dried sopping (think a dip in the river) wet shoes without a problem. We like the PEET dryers so much, we bought one for each member of the family. After skiing, we pop out ski boot liners, put on the dryer, and in the morning they are toasty and dry. We would love to see a travel version for ski trips, even though the dryers are light, they are a bit bulky for travel.

    BUY a PEET Dryer HERE.

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