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    Rippin' Rider Review: Volkl Skis

    Junior Karma, P60 Race & Supersport

    Our Rippin' Riders were so busy rippin' up the slopes on Volkls that we had difficulty getting some action photos. But we did get some great feedback on the Volkl lineup.

    Volkl Karma Jr. Skis Reviewed by Laura, age 12

    Photo courtesy Volkl Laura, from Moraga, California, has the chance to test the Volkl Karma Jr. skis. Laura could usually be found on the race course, but found time to escape to the park to test the Karma Jr.'s. Laura loved the skis, stating, "The skis work really well. They are easy to use because they are lightweight and easy to maneuver. I couldn't really find any improvements to recommend. I found that I went much faster on flat areas with them, and that their edges lasted long. I did get lots of dings and scratches on the tips - and I'm not sure if a park rat or daredevil wouldn't destroy the skis - but they worked for me."

    "I used these skis only at Squaw Valley, CA. This place is special because it is challenging and fun. My friends on the ski team noticed that I got new skis and asked me who made them. I enjoyed skiing on them and feel that they helped improve my skiing on ice. I think these skis look very cool, but I think they might look a little cooler if they had more designs on them instead of just black for most of it. I would buy these skis in the future. I liked these skis especially because of their edges. After five days on ice, they were still as sharp as when I first got them. I would recommend this product to any person in search of great trick or park skis."

    Volkl Supersport Skis
    Reviewed by Hailey, age 8

    Photo courtesy Volkl Hailey from California loves to rip. She gets out on the snow every weekend and holiday vacation. A Mighty-Mite, Hailey rips on hard snow, powder, and everything in between.

    Supersport Jr. skis is an excellent all-round ski. It carves a big turn, yet has a wide tip for hitting the powder and crud. Plus it looks just like Mom's skis!

    Photo: Rippin' Rider Hailey wins gold "I liked these skis cause I could ski everything. I could even ski slalom and GS race courses. Sometimes I felt like they were a little too fat in the tip. I don't know why, but they seemed kind of fat."

    "The skis lasted me all season. They are a little bit scratched, but just as sharp as they started, even though my dad tunes them."

    "I liked the graphics on the skis. Red is a pretty cool color." "I won lots of medals on the skis in Mighty Mite, even Tahoe League races. I got pretty fast. See my picture!" "I would recommend these skis to anyone who skis all over, who doesn't have lots of race skis."

    Junior Racing Skis
    Reviewed by Jake, age 12

    Photo courtesy Volkl Jake rips up the race course, racing USSA Far West races. He consistently placed in the top 10, garnering a couple of third place finishes, plus top five in the Championships. Basically he loves speed and the Volkls fit the bill.

    "I loved the Volkl race skis. The GS Race Stock Jr. was versatile in both GS and Super G events. It held a good edge, even on really long and fast turns. Sugar Bowl set a wild course, and these skis held on. I got a 4th at the Far West Championships. At the beginning of the season I raced in a Tahoe League race, also at Sugar Bowl, and came in first!"

    Photo: Jake rockin' the race course "I also liked the P60 SC Race Stock Jr., a slalom ski. I got some medals on those babies as well. They were turny, but held on hard snow."

    "I think Volkl makes some great junior race skis. They come from the factory tuned, and are easy to maintain. They take pride in their race skis, giving them extra attention. I will continue to ski on Volkls on my way to the U.S. Ski Team."

    KidznSnow wishes Jake luck on his long trail to the U.S. team. Way to go - Jake!

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