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  • Whistler Blackcomb Terrain Parks Receive Extreme Makeover

    Photo courtesy Whistler A hip color scheme and fresh logo were unveiled along with new rails this winter throughout Whistler Blackcomb's five terrain parks and three pipes.

    "Last fall we were busy creating new rails and styling the park up with a brand new logo, and colour scheme," says Stu Osborne, Terrain Parks Supervisor. "We're moving away from our traditional red over to a unique look of avocado and dark green."

    A brand new logo for Whistler Blackcomb's Terrain Parks was also stencilled on all of the rails, completing the extreme makeover. "When it comes to terrain parks - change is always good," says Mike Douglas, professional skier and member of Whistler Blackcomb's Pro Athlete Team. "A new park logo, colors and signature rails will bring a fresh experience to skiers and riders in the terrain parks."

    Photo courtesy Whistler Freestyle enthusiasts with day jobs can look forward to night sessions in the Super Night Pipe. The Super Night Pipe was built in preparation for the Nokia FIS Snowboard World Championships January 15-23, and is now open to the public at Night Moves, the mountains' night skiing and riding program. The Super Night Pipe feature impressive World Cup sanctioned specs: 150 metres of effective wall length, and a 5-metre wall height and will be groomed by a new Zaugg Pipe Monster specifically purchased for the maintenance of the Super Night Pipe.

    The Whistler Blackcomb Terrain Park Team has an impressive resume, winning 27 Top 3 Park and Pipe Awards since 1996, unmatched by any resort park team in the world. "Each year our team uses its collective expertise to take our terrain parks and pipes to the next level," says Osborne. "This year, capital expenditures will aid the process. $40,000 will be spent in the Whistler Blackcomb terrain parks to upgrade rails and create new, progressive rail shapes, including several signature rails. A new Zaugg Pipe Shaper on Whistler will increase the introductory pipe's wall height from 10-feet to 13-feet and three new additional Piston Park Bullies have also been purchased for use on both mountains."

    "We are all about progression," says Peter Young, Whistler Blackcomb Events Manager. "Many of our guests, especially young people, want to ride the park so we ensure quality hits are built in every level. Guests can learn on a small table-top and work their way up through the sizes to become better riders."

    Photo courtesy Whistler From painting the bars with a rail makeover to pushing the bar in terrain park progression, Whistler Blackcomb provides a freestyle experience second to none for skiers and riders.

    Whistler Blackcomb's slogan "check yourself before you wreck yourself" is a catchy saying that challenges park users to familiarize themselves with the Freestyle Terrain Park Rating System. The system rates each park based on four levels of progress and designation for size. Whistler Blackcomb recommends that you start small and work your way up.

    Whistler Blackcomb's rating:

    Freestyle Terrain "S"
    - Introductory freestyle terrain
    - Small features, surface-level rails & boxes
    - Less Difficult features

    Freestyle Terrain "M"
    - Small to medium size features
    - Ride-on rails & small to medium half pipe
    - Difficult features

    Freestyle Terrain "L"
    - Medium to large size features
    - Introduction to jump-on rails
    - Rail's with gaps & narrow surfaces
    - Large half pipe
    - More difficult features

    Freestyle Terrain "XL"
    - Largest size features & jumps
    - Jump-on rails with gaps & narrow surfaces
    - Advanced and Experts only
    - Most difficult features

    For more on Whistler Blackcomb's parks see: .

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