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  • Hammerhead Sled: Like a Freaking Ferrari on Skis

    Photo courtesy Hammerhead Sled Called a "Freaking Ferrari on skis", the new Hammerhead packs one heck of a wild ride. Rippin' along at eye level has never been so safe and exhilarating with its pinpoint steering and cushy suspension seating. You'll be dreaming of winter all summer long if you own a Hammerhead.

    Sell your board, sell your skis. The far-out design borrows the best technology from aerospace, snowshoes, and office seating, to taunt you back into sledding. Drop on a headlamp and taillight and you're ready for the night slide of your life down the ski hill. Many more accessories like leash, carry pack, mirrors, grip tape and bells make this the tricked out sled you've always yearned for.

    Doesn't matter if the snow is thin, hard packed or powder, the rear skis can be swapped out for best performance. And, at 8.7 measly pounds the Hammerhead is so light that you can almost toss it back up the hill for the next ride. For more info visit:

    Photo courtesy Hammerhead Sled More on the Hammerhead
    The Hammerhead sled is a re-design of the traditional snow sled i.e. the famous Flexible Flyer. This sled was brought into the 21st century using top-notch styling while performance and safety were priorities for the design team. Materials include aircraft-grade (6063) aluminum frame, suspension fabric seating and high-density polyethylene for extremely fast skis. The sled weighs in at 8.7 lbs with skis on- making it the lightest of any performance sled. This sled also features precise steering and suspension. The controllability afforded by this new steering, plus the Hammerhead's soft curves and optional sit up position make the Hammerhead the safest sled on the market. It is also easily controlled in the headfirst position. The Hammerhead is easy to handle and versatile enough to for extreme mountain sledding, backyard fun, or backcountry. With its customizable quick on/off skis, the sled can handle very hard pack such as frozen granular to about 5 or more inches of powder. Customization and accessories such as headlights, taillights, mirrors, and bells make it personalized and versatile. The Hammerhead can be found at key outdoor specialty retailers and on line through the direct web site. List Price is $289.

    Photo courtesy Hammerhead Sled President and CMO Steve Luhr sums it up this way: "Sledding is recreation that has existed 100+ years -at least since the Flexible Flyer has been around. We would like to help bring it back to life with technology people expect today. Sledding has incredible advantages in our busy, over committed, video game world as it provides exercise, gets people outside, it's local, simple, cost-effective, and safe."

    Size: 51" Long x 9" Tall x 23" Wide
    Weight: 8.7 lbs approx.
    Seating Capacity: 1

  • Frame: Rustless 6063 Aluminum
  • Skis: High Density Polyethylene
  • Grips, Boot: EPDM Rubber
  • Seat: Nexprene, Tech Fabric
  • Steering: Stainless Steel Leaf Springs
  • Other: Delrin, Stainless Fasteners
    Riding Position: Sit or Headfirst
    Temperature Range: -40 to +60 degrees F

    Want your OWN Hammerhead Sled? BUY one now!

    Hammerhead Sled's website is also a wealth of information for sledding enthusiasts. They have a section on "where to sled" that is useful for any sliding enthusiast.

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