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    RR Preview: Volkl Skis

    2004/2005 Junior Lineup

    Volkl offers an extensive line of junior skis for the 2004/05 season. The first junior ski/binding system, Motion Junior Racing and Motion Junior use a unique interface that attaches to the same type of rails as the adult Motion system. The interface will allow instant adjustment to any junior boot sole length. Junior Motion represents a huge leap forward in performance, as junior boot sole lengths cover a large percentage of the ski's overall length, creating an even bigger "deal spot" - the ease of flex that Motion allows will make a huge difference in kids' ability to carve.

    The Volkl line up for this season:

    P60 GS Race Stock. Jr., by Volkl

  • P60 GS Race Stock Jr.
    The stringent sidecut requirements imposed by F.I.S. make it necessary to create highly specialized Junior GS skis. Introducing the F.I.S.-legal P60 GS Racing Junior. Available in the following lengths: 135 cm, 142 cm, 149 cm, 156 cm, 163 cm, 170 cm. Specs for the 135 cm:
    Sidecut: 101-65-88
    Construction: Power
    Core: Sensor Wood
    Suggested retail w/out motion: $450.00

    P60 GS Race Stock. Jr., by Volkl

  • P60 SC Race Stock Jr.
    F.I.S. limits also apply to the slalom event. The P60 SC Junior meets F.I.S. limits for Junior Slalom racing. This is a true race-stock junior slalom ski. Available in the following lengths: 130 cm, 136 cm, 142 cm, 148 cm.
    Specs for the 130 cm:
    Sidecut: 105-63-90
    Construction: Power
    Core: Sensor Wood
    Suggest retail w/out motion: $450

    Supersport Jr., by Volkl

  • Supersport Jr.
    For improving young skiers ready for the next step, the Supersport Jr. fits the bill. Effortless carving in a soft-flexing, great looking package. Available in sizes: 110,120,130,140,150
    Sidecut: 107-67-93
    Radius: 13.2 m at 150 cm
    Construction: Power Shell
    Core: PU
    Suggested Retail: $375.00 Motion Jr. Racing
    Suggested Retail: $250.00 w/out motion

    Jr. Karma., by Volkl

  • Karma Jr.
    The new Karma Jr. has a relatively wide waist that makes it easy to balance while learning tricks and a soft flex makes it easy to ski all types of terrain. The Karma Jr. provides a great tool to take all over the mountain as well as in the park. Available in sizes: 128, 138, 148
    Sidecut: 100-70-93
    Construction: Power Shell
    Core: PU
    Suggested retail: $250 w/out motion

    Jr. 7 24., by Volkl
    Jr. 7 24 Gamma by Volkl

  • 7 24 Jr. & 7 24 Gamma Jr.
    The 7 24 Junior is the ideal entry-level product for the beginning skier. Its wide platform is easy to stand on, and an exaggerated sidecut allows kids to learn to turn. Available sizes: 80, 90, 100 cm. Also available in the "Gamma", same ski, different cosmetic for the entry level female skier.
    Sidecut: 103-65-99
    Radius: 5.4m at 100 cm
    Construction: Power Shell
    Core: PU
    Suggested retail: $250 Motion Jr.
    Suggested retail: $145 w/out Motion

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    Or visit Volkl's website for more information.

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